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1.)Black Mage (blak-mayj) n: The epitome of awsomness.
2.)The most destructive force in existence.
3.)Not always entirely evil.
4.)Weilder of the almighty level 9 spell "Hadoken" also known to be substituted with "Fighter-doken".
5.)An untapped nexus of power that would allow for the ability to bend they very cosmos to one's will, that is also not completely hideous.
6.)One who has more doomsday spells than one knows what to do with, wait... yes one does!
8.)One who, at LV99, is industructible and nukes everything in his path.
9.)One who has an innate hate of stupid, cocky, and or scamming people.
10.)One who likes pie, especcially evil pie.
11.)The highest compliment one can recieve
12.)One who believes staff-chucks don't work and hates thieves.
13.)One with an awsome hat that should never be removed at the risk of the life and sanity to all who gazeth upon what lay underneath.
1."That Black Mage is really flippin' awsome!"
2."I bet Black Mage could destroy the universe!"
3."Black Mage isn't THAT evil..."
4."Die sucka! HADOKEN!!!"
5."Black Mage isn't completely hideous! Why he can bend the very cosmos to his will!"
6."Heh, heh, I think I know what I'll do with my 49th doomsday spell know.."
7."I'm a Black Mage yo!"
8."You cannot possible kill me! I'm a LV99 Black Mage!
9."I hate you Fighter, I really do..."
10."Pie? Oh please... Wait, EVIL PIE?! YAYYYYY!!!!"
11."You're a real Black Mage." "Really? THANK YOU MAN!!!"
12."I hate you Thief, and staff-chucks are a stupid idea!"
13."What happened to him?" "Oh, he just gazeth upon what lay underneath my awsome hat." "Dang!"
by LV99_Black_Mage September 30, 2006

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