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Many perceive rape as an act in which the perpetrator merely wants to sexually and/or swiftly gratify themselves. Therefore, how can it be so traumatising?

A number of rapists will use any verbal, physical means they can to make the victim feel as degraded as possible. Inflicted degradation is how they stimulate a sense of power over the victim, as well as (possibly) a form of externally sadomasochistic, sexual gratification.

Such methods include degrading language (worthless, cunt, slut,) sodomy, urination, defecation, spitting, slapping, hair-pulling and weaponry.

This is made more effective by the victims body being biologically self-stimulating during rape, regardless of resistance.

When women are raped, they’re being conversely reminded of how men have and in some cases still perceive women. Weak, stupid, sexual objects.

Some women are aware of the implications while BEING raped. Potential pregnancy, injustice (victim-blaming) and the intolerance they may receive. Such knowledge causes the experience to be even more upsetting.

These things are what embody the horror of rape.

It’s not solely the experience, It’s the numerous implications and how rape victims are treated by society.

It also infuriates me when people insinuate that all female rape victims become strong.

By suggesting women who recover are strong, they’re surreptitiously suggesting those who don’t are weak, presumably in order to degrade the disquiet the implications of rape causes them.
Bob: Are rape victims cowering under their beds? No, they become strong women.

Jamie: You’re exhibiting an unconscious form of cowardice and disrespect towards the subject, you prick.
by LLLookAtYouHacker June 22, 2012
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