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Scatman(lit. shit-man)participated in the Gay Sin's movie ANAL ACROBATS2. While he practicized anilingus to wild tropical boars,his name

derived from licking the animal scat(shit),his specializations are: anilingus of tropical pig anuses,smelling of animal scat and eating the animalic

shit(scat),he had got his name due to his fetishism of licking old pig anuses in pig sty,where he was born. He masters the singing of pig flatulence

sounds called Scat music and cleaning the pig anus with mustache.

its scatman's ANALization,he doesnt have any teeth,coz he was born in CANALIZATIon,he is a stupid pig,this motherfucker has so much PIG

OBSESSION that he lives in apig hole, a pig hole is based in the BASTARDIZATION,he always likes to fuck crazy pigs,scatman got the

fortification,he got so much pig,he got not identification,he got no more beef,this mofo got a ball CASTRATION,the celebration of pigs,he dances

like a pig ON FRUSTRATION,a pig frustrated about his griev,dont do the MASTURBATION
by LLLÖLKLL January 22, 2010
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