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Long Valley or the "Big LV" is a small town located in northwest New Jersey in Morris County. LV is full of rich snobs who all drive mercedes, cadillacs, bmw's, and range rovers. If your from LV you probably are rich and live in a multi-million dollar mansion. LV is near other wealthy towns such as Chester, and Mendham. Don't confuse LV with being being by Hackettstown because that is where Mexicans rome wild by Taco Bell and Burger King. Hell no! It is right next to it but its a whole other county. If you are from Long Valley you party hard, even at 3rd grade batman themed parties. LV kids are mostly abercrombie model looking or stoned and can't remember what they did last night. You can go to their high school West Morris Central in Chester and find drug stands where you can buy cheap coke. You might just get lost in a sea of expensive cars your parents bought you for your easter present. Even the little tikes could pass as 20 year old prostitutes. All residents think they are the shit and act gangsta from the ghetto, but seriously, don't you dare confuse one with a hackettstowner. "Hackettstown is the only town in NJ where you will find kids in ecko and shady clothing huddled around a rita's italian ice place claiming it to be their turf." Long Valley is the same except they prefer their Quizno's because they will beat you up if they see you going there. You probably have something better to do like go to Dunkin' Donuts down in the "valley" or some house party at you rich friend's house, because your a OG and are the shit.
Long Valley kid: Hey, yo, whaddup dawgy dog can I get my some weed?
Hackettstowner: Your from "THE BIG LV" aren't you?
by LAboof34 June 29, 2007

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