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An awesome Aussie who never ceases to amaze the people around him. Many females wait in line to get with this Volvo-hating, football-despising S.O.B.

Extremely sexy and kind even though he lives in a backwards culture that drives on the wrong side of the street, eats kangaroo, likes rugby, goes out and almost dies in "the bush", and gets arrested for carrying BB guns.

Arrogant and mildly depressing at times, a Simon is an amazing and rare specimen of humanity that comes along once in a few thousand years. If you are priveledged enough to come to know a Simon, don't ever let him go. He will light up your life. He is also incredible in bed.
Liz: That is the sexiest, most attractive foreigner I've ever seen!!

Katie: I know! He must be a Simon!!
by Kytee January 18, 2010

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