6 definitions by Kyo Kusanagi

1. Military slang meaning 'Fucked up situation'. Made famous by Vietnam war stories.
2. A fiercely (and famously) independent punk band consisting of: Joe Lally, Brendan Canty, Guy Piciotto and Ian Mackaye (Whose also famous for fronting Minor Threat and running Dischord Records with Jeff Nelson).
$5 Shows, $10 CDs, relentless ethics and pretty good music to boot. Now there is a band to respect.
by Kyo Kusanagi September 15, 2003
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To seasoned and/or fanatical gamers what Final Fantasy is to mainstream gamers. To summarize; the hardcore gamer's Final Fantasy.
by Kyo Kusanagi July 7, 2003
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To other video games as chess is to other board games; a monolith which 14 years on still stands head and shoulders above the competition and to an extent the rest of the gaming industry.

Also an addiction more potent than any drug except maybe the internet but that ain't a drug.
by Kyo Kusanagi October 3, 2003
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The thin line that exists between a story and reality. When a character in a story tells the reader in some way that they know that they are a character in a story, that is called 'breaking the fourth wall'.
Character 1: The author is a jackass who can't write me properly.
Crashing noise
Character 2: Well, there goes the fourth wall.
by Kyo Kusanagi July 7, 2003
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The American counterpart name for "Satsu No Hadou RYU."
This is what Ryu, from Street Fighter, becomes when he gives in to the Satsu No Hadou, or what CAPCOM of America likes to call "Evil Intent".
Evil Ryu can use Normal Ryu's special attacks, except for the Shin Shoryuken, and he can also use some of Gouki's (Akuma) moves, like Shun Goku Satsu and Messatsu Gou Shoryu.
Satsu No Hadou RYU is more powerful than GOUKI, but weaker (or evened out) against Shin GOUKI.
...and because of Ryu's urge to win the battle through his rage, he was engulfed by the Satsu No Hadou and became Satsu No Hadou Ryu or as some call him - Evil Ryu.
by Kyo Kusanagi December 10, 2003
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The Lone Star state. Like a cross between Pluto and New York:
-A great place that everyone admires...
-...but you wouldn't want to live there...
-...unless you were born there.
New York is what happens when you try to compress Texas into an area the size of a city.

The entry signs on the highways all read: "Professional lunatics beyond this point only."
by Kyo Kusanagi July 8, 2003
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