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Someone who rejects right-wing conservatism and left-wing progressivism equally. An updated or new classical liberal -- not just politically, but also philosophically and culturally. New Liberals or neoliberals reject both Rightist moral dogmatism and Leftist moral relativism -- both the pre-modernist religious Right and the post-modernist socialist Left. They generally favor both economic freedom (like the Republicans) and social and personal freedom (like the Democrats). New Liberals tend to believe in (1) the philosophy of reason and science; (2) the ethics of individualism and self-interest; (3) and the politics of liberty and capitalism. Most lean toward atheism, hedonism, and libertarianism.
Historian Victor Davis Hanson and atheist Sam Harris are examples of New Liberals, as well as many current writers who favor the literature of the Greek, Roman, Renaissance, and Enlightenment classics.
by KyZan December 12, 2010
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