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Setting things straight ...

PHP began life as "Personal Home Page" (Tools), and later the "Personal Home Page" (Construction Kit). Later it would be merged with an SQL query tool for webpages and become PHP/FI, or "Personal Home Page / Form Interpreter".

FastForward to the present day and it's no longer a mere tool to handle generation of Personal Home Pages, reuiring a new acronym, some clever chap came up with:

"PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor"

Cunningly (or not), in the same vein as "GNU's not Unix" and "PINE Is Not Elm", PHP became a recursive acronym, whereby the first letter actually stands for the full acronym.

Deep, huh?
<? phpInfo() ?>
by Kureigu-San III February 08, 2004
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Scabby, flea ridden, nasty
Person1: *sprays imaginary fleaspray*
Person1: you're such a fleabag, person2
Person2: *protests distaste for the idea*
by Kureigu-San III January 09, 2004
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