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A word that means almost anything you want it to be, it is usually used as an exclamation and/or an alternative to "Wtf?" It can be used in almost any situation, but is especially great for awkward silences, or when someone does something exceedingly awkward. Different connotations can also mean different things. Can also be followed by laughter.

A list of some things it could mean: A) "Wtf?"
B) "No."
C) "I have no idea."
D) "That is shocking!"
E) *Awkward silence breaker*
F) "Never do that again."
G) *In reaction to when something is not funny*

Pronounced like Snow or Toe
Ex 1) Person A: So, the other day, I totally clipped my chest hair and then licked it up off of the ground!

Person B: Boh! Dude! What's wrong with you?

Ex 2) Person A: Hey! What do you call a witch on the beach?

Person B: What?

Person A: A sandwich!

Person B: ...Boh. Just, boh.
by Ksloth November 14, 2010
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