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A large hymen, a large opening of a vagina, a large vagina size, or an open vagina.
Man, that Reyes is such a D-hyme. He cries all of the time. Like, he's a child of some kind.

Silvia is a real D-hyme, but I forgive her for her character.

Breasts are not objects of sex and a D-hyme is not necessarily common in an elderly women these days, because of the advancement of the quality of life.

Keep that D-hyme away from me! I do not want to see him again! I don't care if he's your uncle. No!
by Krusty B March 16, 2010
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Bore and burden
Ann's job at the nursing home is a borden, but she is payed well enough that she doesn't quite her job.

Steve has become hopelessly lost in the World of Warcraft and it has become a borden to the family.

Fido is becoming a borden, because he is too old and fat to take on walks anymore.
by Krusty B March 27, 2010
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