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Tnak is an algerian word that has a lot of meanings, like "fuck off" "I don't give a fuck about you", you can say it to someone anoying of someone you don't wanna talk to or don't wanna hear their story
For a female: tnaki
for a male: tnak
For a group: tnako
For them: yetnako
For she: tetnak
For he: yetnak
Fayno: you won't believe what happened to this morning
Naila: tnak
by Krhhtt/zebi.art March 28, 2021
Algerian word, that means the most dangerous and the last stage of depression, it means that the person who is at marhalat al-nikmha is broken and dead inside, you can use the word nikmha to describe this stage
Jelloul: bro why are you so depressed
Fayno: I'm at marhalat al-nikmha leave me alone
by Krhhtt/zebi.art March 28, 2021
Ayoub is a friend I know on instagram, he is definitely a wlid 9a7ba
Ayoub: exists
by Krhhtt/zebi.art April 3, 2021
Algerian word used when you are at "marhalat al-nikmha", and it means the last stage of depression, you can use it when you hear some bad news and you are already broken and dead inside

*The literal translation is 'fuck her mother'*
Doctor: I have some bad news, you might have cancer
Joe: nikmha
by Krhhtt/zebi.art March 28, 2021
It's when you feel superior, strong, better and more powerful than the rest of humanity, And you start to see the rest of people as they are useless pieces of shit
Joe: "hangs up the phone on your face As a kind of arrogance"

Than joe has algerianism
by Krhhtt/zebi.art March 28, 2021