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A drink made by adding vodka to pickled quail egg juice, often served in shot glass with a pickled quail egg floater. Like the dim ex-vice-president, it's not bad at all, but there's no sense to it.
"Dang, we're out of pickled eggs. Well, at least we can make some good Dan Quayles with the rest of it!"
by Kremlin Cole July 31, 2008

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A meat head is someone who tries really hard to be ultra-masculine. This involves lifting weights, talking about lifting weights, walking with your arms out because you're so huge, looking to get in fights at bars because the ladies aren't down with you or because someone ran into one of your arms or just because you saw an emo dude with a stupid shirt. Meat heads always wear Affliction shirts or vests.

Contrary to popular opinion, being a meathead is more about how you act than how you look. Therefore, a skinny dude or even a bull dike could be a meathead, cuz they exhibit this behavior.
Look at that dude over there by the ladies restroom with the cutoff Affliction shirt, what a meat head.
by Kremlin Cole March 20, 2008

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Coffee with Gin in it. Named so because Ray Charles is alleged to have drank it all day, every day. A Ray Charles can also be made with Vodka instead of Gin, so it tastes better.
Hey, I'll take a Ray Charles, with cream and Sweet N Low.
by Kremlin Cole July 31, 2008

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