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Being cheated on is one of the worst feeling you can feel. because you loose the trust for the person who cheated on you.you cant even forgive them because your hurt so bad. you never want to get cheated on and the worst part is you dont exspect it,you either get cheated on emotionaly or physicaly by sexual contact. you think you can trust the person with everthing and once you get cheated on everything changes, you cant seem to feel anything, you feel like giving up on life because you loved that person enough were you could go out with the person. you dont know who to trust becuase you dont want it to happen again. you feel like your world crashs to a end you will never act the same. you start slowly finding yourself constanyl thinking about saying what went wrong. you cant seem to stop crying becuase you have no heart anymore. and if you had to chance to change the pass you would and forget this ever happened.
going out with some and your lover does things with other people behind your back which makes it cheating.
by KrAzyk0r3y1 May 02, 2009
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