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An OP, bad-ass, handsome genius who can do anything he wants once working for it. He usually is kind of a loner but has a lot friends but doesn't want to have that many. He doesn't like unwanted attention or being popular. Wants to have a successful, normal, peaceful life. He hates troublesome things, and or getting involved in them unnecessarily, even when he doesn't want to. He is an introvert most of the time, but if he wants to he can be an extrovert. Hes is often depicted as a mysterious person. He has incredible abilities in which all of them are unique and very useful. He is a friendly person, and very honest when it comes to sensitive things. He's someone you can count on, but its a big mistake to manipulate him or get on his bad side. He doesn't like to be violent but will if necessary and it'l be bad for whoever has to deal with him. A perfect guy, who all the pretty girls want and can help a friend without doing all or most of the work to get a girlfriend. He usually is single but goes out with a pretty girl that is very smart and special.
Someone: Esteban the bad-ass, is he even human, or an experiment.
by Kiyotaka September 19, 2019

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