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A festival in the town of Moore Haven that translates to "Big Bass" in some Indian language nobody cares about. Occurs on the first week of March every year since forever.
Consists of showing animals, a kid's day, rodeo, rides, scamming games, food, a parade, and fights. The fights are usually between two drunken hicks.
The only time you can get deep-fried oreos in Moore Haven, and the most exciting thing that happens in Po' Haven all year.
YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW, IT'S CHALO NITKA TIME AGAIN! I can't wait to go see that there ro-de-yo! Hand me a Budweiser, Ahern!
by Kitsuhime March 01, 2011

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A combination of both a hipster and an otaku. Someone who not only enjoys anime a bit too much, but prides themselves on only watching obscure anime with the original Japanese audio and subtitles. Hipstertakus criticize those who are into more "mainstream" dubbed anime such as Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, and Death Note.
Regular anime fan: "I wonder why there was never a Saiyan named after the potato. Potatoes are vegetables."
Hipstertaku: "If you were a TRUE anime fan, you would know that there was in fact a Saiyan named Totepo in the original Japanese version. But what true anime fan watches DBZ anyway? It's too mainstream. Tsukihime and Bokurano ftw!"
by Kitsuhime November 16, 2011

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