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Jacob Derbyshire is the kindest, most perfect, most amazingest boy ive ever met and ever will meet, hes my prince and i plan on spending every single second of my life till were old and wrinkle with him with him. He's far too perfect for me but he doesn't care because he's mine. He's not like the typical boy because he actually cares, he's so cute he sends me little letters on paper when times get hard and does everything he can just to make me smile a tiny little bit no matter what the situation is he never gives up, just looking into his blue eyes make me melt. I love every single inch of him and I couldn't love him anymore because we're going to have our happy ever after with our little strawberry farms and little house:'3 I love you Jacob forever and always x

Kirsty <3
jacob derbyshire jacob derbyshire
by Kirstyox October 25, 2013
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