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A place where if you step on somebody's shoes, they'll fucking kill you.
If you do that in Frogtown they'll kill you!
by kingdick April 22, 2005
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The disease that Matt Erjavec suffers from.
In addition to needing shots, Matt Erjavec's diabetes require a hug a day from members of the opposite sex. If he does not get this hug, he dies.
by kingdick May 03, 2005
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An overrated movie. It's most often liked by people who think they're cool just because they like it.
Dickhead 1: Dude, Donnie Darko is such a tight movie! It's Patrick Swayze's best since "Point Break."
Dickhead 2: Yeah, and it's got a really sweet bunny in it too.
by kingdick April 22, 2005
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