2 definitions by KingGeorge33

1. The act of when a man is having sexual intercourse (or oral sex) with a woman, he fakes like he is about to "cum to fruition" by pulling out and setting up to finish on her face. Instead, he forces a huge and slimy dump (diarrhea in some cases) on her face as a surprise.

2. When a woman is eating out a guy, midway through he begins to fake as if he is getting really turned on and tells her to continue with the action further. As she does, he forces out a wet dump into her mouth and on her face surprising her in the act.
Ex. Sally, "So How was that guy you meet at the bar last night?"

Amanda, "Terrible! He gave me a mud pie surprise! I am never talking to him again."
by KingGeorge33 March 5, 2014
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1. The skid mark left in ones underwear after taking a large satisfying dump without adequate wiping.

2. A turd nugget (cake sized) left stuck to the bottom of a toilet bowl after a large dump that does not flush down with the rest of the poo.
Eg. Oh man, I left the biggest crusty cake in the teachers private bathroom yesterday.
by KingGeorge33 March 5, 2014
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