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1. A derogatory term used to describe a person whose skin tone is crisp and brown from exposure to the sun. Originally used for Mexicans only but ignorance allows it be used for just about any person from latin america.

2. Imigrants who come to the U.S. predominanetly from Mexico that work the $6.00/hr. Job that not even a middle class highschool kid would like to work-unless of course he is a BEANER CHILD! ;)

3. The people who are being discriminated against no thanks to the new law in Arizona!
1. I Dont Like BEANERS!!!

2. If you want cheap labor than Hire a beaner.

3. Oh sally you dont need to do your dishes, I know this beaner lady that will do it for like 20 bucks! What a deal huh? I dont even think she knows shes getting ripped off.

4. These beaners are taking all the good jobs that our white highschool kids and college students would love to do such as landscaping, dish washing, field work in the hot sun, and cleaning upper middle class homes.
by King-D May 03, 2010

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