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When driving a whip, ride or hooptie, get out and climb onto the hood while the car continues to move.

It is typical for one to dance around on the hood while the car is ghostin.

Its Bay Shit... yadadamean?
In the Bay we gettin hyphy we ghost ride the whip and do the Thizzle Dance.

If you wanna live, you gotta thizz!
by King Of The O April 14, 2006

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Hyphy (pronounced high-fee; IPA: ˈhaɪfi¢°) is a style of music and dance associated with San Francisco Bay Area hip hop culture. It began to emerge in early 2000 as a response from Bay Area rappers against commercial hip hop for not acknowledging the Bay for setting trends in the hip hop industry.67 Although the "hyphy movement" has just recently seen light in mainstream America, it has been a long standing and evolving culture in the Bay Area. Bay Area rapper Keak Da Sneak takes credit for coining the term when he was a young boy, as his mother would often tell him he was hyper. He would repeat the word "hyper" as "hyphy", and to this day, continues to use the word "hyphy" to describe his behavior.

It is distinguished by gritty, pounding rhythms, and in this sense can be associated with the Bay as crunk music is to the South. An individual is said to "get hyphy" when they act or dance in an overstated and ridiculous manner. Many in the Bay Area would describe this as acting "Retarded", "Riding The Short Bus", "Stupid" or "Going Dumb". Contrary to popular belief, the musical aspect of the movement has very few similarities to crunk music, as it is dictated by more uptempo beats. E-40 is seen by many in the Bay Area as the "door opener" to a much bigger movement yet to be exposed to the world in its entirety.

In the Bay we gettin Hyphy, Stupid, Dumb, and Hyphy
by King Of The O August 28, 2006

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v. To kick or pound when refering to heavy bass.
"Buy a car and a GLOCK, put the cash in my sock, put the beat in the trunk so you hear the shit knock." -Andre Nickatina
by King Of The O August 26, 2006

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