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The lead character in the Activision video game "TRUE CRIME: Streets of LA", as well as being the character the player controls.

Half-Chinese and half-white, Nick Kang was born in Hong Kong but was raised in Los Angeles. His father was a top officer with the Los Angeles Police Department until an Internal Affairs investigation that implicated him in an international drug ring caused him to lose his job before he mysteriously lost his life. Since then Nick had become a detective for the LAPD in the hopes of both finding answers and following his father's footsteps, all the while building a reputation for being a "loose cannon" with a hot temper, an itchy trigger finger, and a smart mouth.

At the beginning, Nick Kang is placed off of suspension and transferred to the LAPD's "Elite Operations Division" (the EOD), which becomes involved in an investigation of local crimes involving Chinese Triads. Using his skills in gunplay, driving, and martial arts, Nick Kang works to crack the case and solve the mysteries of the crimes, which become more complex and international in nature than first thought. All the while patching up all of the other random problems in the streets of Los Angeles.
Nick Kang also has everything a bad-ass "loose cannon" cop needs, from a bad attitude, to a cool car (more like a set of them--you start with a nice, but kinda beat-up looking, classic convertible, and work your way up to a brand-new European drop-top roadster), right up to a good repertoire of one-liners; most notably when he quotes "Evil Dead" in a gunfight ("Ya like this!? This...is my BOOMSTICK!!!"). Whether you "shoot first, ask questions later", is entirely up to you.
by Kin Freon January 2, 2004
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An energy drink made in Las Vegas that is as potent as Red Bull, yet doesn't taste like medicine, has extra ingredients (like "Milk Thistle", which is supposed to clean out your liver), and is sold in 16 ounce cans for about the same price as other 8.4 ounce competitors.

One can is more than enough to get your stuff going all night, but some aren't able to finish the whole can.
Pablo may be boring now. But give him a can of Rockstar, and he'll moisten all the cotton in the room with his mad Ricky Martin skillz!
by Kin Freon January 2, 2004
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