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Esoteric economics is a failed school of economic thought that claims wage labor and the traditional business are created by the state. Esoteric economics also argues that the state can be abolish if you just buy Bitcoin and that states are unsustainable. Esoteric economics is heavily influenced by mutualist economics and Austrian economics.

Chicago economist David D. Friedman challenged the founder of the Esoteric school of thought on a livestream and destroyed him using facts and logic to debunk his new school of thought.
Esoteric Economics: “Wage labor and the traditional business model are state creationS and 3D printers will abolish them”

Esoteric Economics: “Just buy Bitcoin and the state will go away”

Esoteric Economics: “State are unsustainable due to the exponential growth curve”
by Killing Esoteric Economics December 09, 2019

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An Esoteric Economist is some who follows the Esoteric school of thought. Esoteric economists argue that wage labor wouldn’t exist in a truly free market and that Bitcoin can abolish the state. Esoteric economist also argue that governments are unsustainable and that value isn’t subjective or determined by labor. They argue that value is determined by praxeology.
Esoteric Economist: “In a truly free market. The economy will be run by self-employed people and speculative networks”

Esoteric Economist: “If the majority of the population buys Bitcoin. You’ll be able to abolish the state”

Esoteric Economist: “The state model is inherently unsustainable and will always collapse”
by Killing Esoteric Economics December 09, 2019

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