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West Port High School in Ocala Fla. Home to the Valley Boys, members of the 352 crew and other various random and pointless 'gangs'

School where white people literally are a minority, and blacks and hispanics are the majorities.

During the 06-07 school year, infamous for multiple 'bomb days' of school, consisting of standing on a grass hill in Fla. heat in May!

Also, infamous for special education children getting 'dome' or oral sex in the back of a classroom during a video.

A school with a miserable excuse for attractive guys, girls, and football team, and mascot (wolfpack)

a.k.a. bomb port, whore port
Substitute Teacher: Ok guys, Im going to turn off the lights, and we can look at the overhead!

Typical loud mouth student: NO! You cant turn off the lights Miss! Its Sex Port!
by KillaHo August 10, 2008
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