1 definition by Kilian

1. Conjunction of 'password-ownz'. To 'own' the master password for a system. Originated in '1337-speak'. After an attacker has successfully taken complete control of a system, he may claim that he "pwnz" it rather than the legitimate owner. Indicates a superior level of control in relation to 'ownz'

2. To completely subjugate a competitor or opponent, to the point of no recourse.

3. To be of a superior quality or desirability.
1) ZOMG d00d, t3h RAT injected flawless r00tk1t. pwnz!

2) STFU n00b, I pwnz j00!

3) d00d, my b0x totally pwnz urz.
by Kilian February 26, 2008