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The yellow pony from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.
Fluttershy is a pegasus (Has wings) and as her name describes her, she's usually timid and quiet, but she will always stand up for her friends.

She's one of the main characters of MLP, and has yellow fur, turquoise eyes and a pink tail and mane.
Her cutie mark consists of three pink butterflies with a blue body.

Fluttershy also has a passion for animals, and usually spends her time in the forest with them, but she's scared of adult dragons.

She came from Cloudsdale, a city up on the clouds above Equestria. Fluttershy wasn't as good in flying as the others, and was bullied and was called names like Klutzershy, but Rainbow Dash stood up for her.
Fluttershy: ...ʸᵃʸ............wait was that too loud?
by KikiMeowz August 06, 2011

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