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A rap group from Detroit also known as the 'Dirty Dozen', 'D-Twizzy' and 'Detroit Twelve'. They rose to fame when one member of the group, Eminem, gained fame and signed them to his record label Shady Records. There were 6 people, all with alter-egos, but one died in 2006. The group was formed when one guy said that the illest rappers in Detroit should join and form a group.

Eminem AKA Slim Shady
Proof AKA Dirty Harry
Bizarre AKA Peter S. Bizarre
Kon Artis AKA Mr. Denaun Porter
Kuniva AKA Rondell Beene
Swift AKA Swifty McVeigh
D12 are the shiznit
by KidKizzet March 3, 2009
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