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Nacknars are cold blooded, ruthless killing machines that are taught from birth to be heartless and cold conquers. Each Nacknar hold a amount of respect and mild compassion for their own kind, but those who straggle or fail to learn the Nacknar way, are either killed or banished.
Nacknars have a trade mark signat; a crimson red stripe that runs from nose tip, to tail tip, and a cream crescent horn gracing the forhead between the eyes, and a midnight black coat. These aspects make the Nacknar a deadly foe, even at night. Most never see the creature coming until its glowing red eyes appear just before it makes the kill.
by KiS January 12, 2007
When you burp and you vom a little.
-"oh man i just vurped"
-" ew thats gross"
by KiS April 16, 2014