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A traditionally Republican voter in an open-primary state who crosses party lines on primary-election day for the sole purpose of skewing the balance of delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention toward Barack Obama, not because they support the notion of an Obama presidency but because they dread the notion of a Hillary Clinton presidency; a Republican short-term infiltrator into the 2008 Democratic primary process whose mission it is to stack the deck in favor of the weaker and/or less objectionable Democratic candidate in order to eliminate the stronger candidate from the running and then continue with business as usual, voting for the Republican candidate in November.
The sign on the precinct door read, "Attention Republicans: You can become an 'Obamacan' for a day! Ask for a Democratic ballot and get Hillary out of the picture NOW. You're free to vote Republican as usual in the November election."
by Khrysso LeFey March 02, 2008

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