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Virtual sex in an internet wordchatroom, MUD, MUSH or other live multigamer environment ("cyberspace").
The Internet version of telephone sex.
Prose with erotic or pornographic content, exchanged in real-time over the internet, with both protagonists interacting either as themselves under the guise of nicknames, or (in a form of adult erotic fantasy roleplaying) in the role of fictional or imaginary personas of user-defined appearance, age, gender, ethnic or racial background (human, non-human, i.e. Greek Gods, Satyrs etc, or alien).

See also the verb: to wordcyber (to have cybersex)
If you see two people leaving the community chatroom for a locked private room, you bet they're planning on a session of cybersex.
The company bans all users who are found having cybersex on their internet servers.
by Khalas August 29, 2003

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A virtual "room" in an internet environment , where people can log on under usernames to "chat": that is to talk to each other via a text interface (usually a scrolling text in a seperate text window). Most chatrooms can be accessed using a browser interface or Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

Internet environments offering various chatrooms or the option of users opening their own temporary private chatrooms are often called "communities".

Modern chatrooms offer a variety of options and commands beyond simply typing in text, such as i.e. font color changes and simple graphic features, e.g. "smily faces" or "emote icons" to convey emotions in quick, pictographic form, or even "avatars" (virtual personas as graphic representations not of, but for users, that enable limited facial expressions)

A chatroom offers a place for people to hang out and meet who would have few chance to meet in real life because of living on different continents. In the virtual space of the internet, people refer to a chatroom like they would to a real geographic place.
I know my chatroom pals better than my neighbors.
Log in to the Star Trek chatroom tonight at 7 p.m., everyone will be there to discuss the new series.
by Khalas August 29, 2003

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