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An individual who refuses to believe the corporate media and governments story that 19 hijackers in a cave in afghanistan flew several large commercial airplanes with no flight experience, some of which have reported to be alive by the same media. The mastermind behind this, osama bin laden pronounced dead 9 times before he was finally found in pakistan, then killed, with no trial or autopsy, and had his body dumped into the ocean. Much like any propaganda, false flag operations are always a way to start wars and create a false enemy.
9/11 Truther: "Did you know the government had planned 9/11 and several others took out insurance policies to cover their loss"
Statist: "More conspiracy theories. Now you are going to tell me america funds terror organizations"
Truther: "The truth must not be easy to fathom"
by Key2awesome September 27, 2017
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