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The cartoon mascot for the ice cream snacks called "Paddle Pops" made in Australia. The mascot, which is a lion, looks suspiciously like Chad Kroeger, the lead singer/ homosexual tool from Nickleback.
Compare the Paddle Pop lion to that douche Chad; it's freaky how much they look alike.
by Key Lime :D August 03, 2010
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the best jeans ever. flare jeans (also known as bell-bottoms) originated in the 70's, briefly came back in the 90's, and are currently out of style due to the popular "fashionable" mainstream skinny jeans. people that wear bell-bottoms tend to also stand out, be creative/artsy, have an optimistic outlook on life, and/or have old-fashioned, unique, groovy taste.
Teeny Bopper: "OMGGGG!!1!1!!!!! WhY dO yOu WeAr FlArE jEaNs?? SkInNy JeAnS aRe WaY mOrE hOtTeR!!!

Me: Whatever. Flare jeans are way cooler than you'll ever be.
by Key Lime :D July 19, 2010
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