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People who constantly use the word- "Simp", even when it is not applicable.

Such people are mindless sheep-like individuals who just say or do stuff because others do it. They are against basic human decency to a certain sex and dislike people who address it.
Some of them, unironically tend to be simps, themselves, who are merely jealous.
They can below 13 or above and can even reach to boomers, who use it as an ad Hominem tool.
They rarely use "simp" for it's correct meaning.
Rogen: I have save Malorie, she is being raped
Laril: You are such a simp. Are you saving a girl?
Rogen: Have you gone loose on the head? She is my sister
Laril: You must be an incestous simp
Rogen: Stop that, you are behaving like a 12 year old sinpla.
by Kesiria February 12, 2021
A sarcastic way of referring to Muslims in a derogatory way
Often used by Islamophobes
"Look, the peaceful community is grooming children again"
by Kesiria January 19, 2022
A derogatory way of referring to Jews.

Often used by Anti-semites online and offline
"USA won't show anything about Baruch Goldstein because USA is ruled by Tiny Hat Tribe"

-Online antisemite
by Kesiria January 19, 2022
People who call people-"simp", without proper reason. The word "simp" is like air to them and they would call anyone that word, even when it would be harmful. They think in groupthink
It is similar in usage to "Sinpla"
Jaren and his army of simpa sheep went around the school, convinced that kicking girls for fun is cool and that anyone who tries to go against it, is a simp. One of them- Trevis, stalked a girl for 4 days , without even realizing that his actions were an example of simping
by Kesiria February 12, 2021