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The most fucking awesome band ever! A person who calls themselves a metal-head but can only name the songs "Angel of Death" and "Bloodline" when asked their fav Slayer song is a cunt-ass poser who disgraces true Slayer fans everywhere.
Listen to the Slayer album "Show No Mercy" (Antichrist, Die By The Sword, Metalstorm/ Face the Slayer, Crionics, Fight Till Death, etc.); it will change your perspective on life.
by Kerry King666 October 03, 2006
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An obscure form of medieval torture in which a red hot iron is held before someone's eyes to blind them.
"...Seas of blood, bury life, smell your death as it burns deep inside of you; abacinate, eyes that bleed, praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare..." -Angel of Death/ Reign In Blood/ Slayer
by Kerry King666 September 29, 2006
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A store that's gotten such a bad rap that you actually CAN be a nonconformist by shopping there because so many people hate it. A true non-conformist shops wherever the hell he/she wants to shop (including Hot Topic)not giving a shit what anyone says about the store. Now that's what I call non-conformity... (and about the prices, it's called a CLEARANCE RACK; novel concept, huh?)
For a truly original look, wear shoes from Target, jeans from Cost-co, shirt from American Eagle, wristband and wallet-chain from Hot Topic, and a hat from Good Will. Of course, by the the time people read this it won't be original anymore. Do what any sensible person does and set your OWN styles (though some douche-bag will say THAT'S conforming because other people do it; what-the-fuck-ever...)
by Kerry King666 October 11, 2006
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