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Truth as fact: A statement that defines something exactly the way it is, with no space for error.

Truth as told: Truth may also be something that contains error, but to the best of your knowledge, is the fact. It is what you say to someone to tell them how it is.
An example of truth as fact derived from an unscrambled quote from a gender war on the subject Happy Tree Friends:

(Scrambled) 'We test the easily convinced to fend off a reality. If Flaky is male, Warren alone slaps the tree pet. "cuss. gin..."'

and the truth it contains as a fact:

(Unscrambled)'In reality Flaky is male. We sent Warren as a test to fend off the easily convinced. You are one step closer to the guilt free pass.'

Truth as told:

Jim: Truth be told, the pen works because it emits ink rays from an inner core.

Harry: Are you sure?

Jim: Well that's what I was told.
by Kenn142 January 06, 2008
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