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The term used to describe a person with less than full mental capability that is also lazy, incompetent, sexual inadequate, and very whinny. Resulting from these characteristics a richy is foul smelling, poorly dressed, annoying, full of him or herself, and more or less useless to society. A richy will whine and cry insistently. All richys are homosexual. Common practice is to euthanize a richy shortly after birth but poor parenting has allowed some to slip into society. Richys are usually found masturbating, dancing with partners of the same sex, smelling their armpits, and trying to lick other peoples feet. Richys are often confused with homeless people but when approached the constant whining easily distinguishes them apart.
1: That guy is incredibly annoying, useless, and stinky!

2: Yah, he is a richy.
by Kendra Stilles June 20, 2009

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