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An excuse for uneducated poor minorities to cry like babies, refuse to help themselves and play the race card. It is not that George Bush hates black people, it is that nobody cares about New Orleans. The retarded mayor of New Orleans complained that the Gov't reacted quicker to 9/11 than Katrina. No shit. New York is the economic nucleus of the country, or arguably the world. New Orleans would not even be on the map if it were not for thier yearly Mardi Gras celebration where low-life women and men occupy the streets, collect beads and drink cheap beer.

What have the inhabitants of New Orleans ever contributed to society. Nothing! They sit around and cash welfare checks and then act like victims of racism because the whole world did not stop to help them. Help yourselves you lazy parasitic goons.
Tyreek: "George Bush aint gonna help us yo"
Moreece: "Maybe we should try to help ourselves"
Tyreek: "Nah homey..let's just sit around, loot WalMart and then call everyone a racist for not helping.
Moreece: "Right on paht-nuh, Hurricane Katrina was created by white people anyway"
by Ken Kaneef August 25, 2006
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