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A theatre kid is much like a "drama kid", the only difference being that theatre kids are the EXTREME version of a "drama kid". They are the kids who can never watch a movie/play/tv show without picking out EXACTLY which role they would play, along with all the roles their friends would play as well. They are the ones that get PISSED when "theatre" is spelled "theater". You will usually find a Theatre Kid in their schools drama/choir rooms at school, with their fellow theatre friends. (it's a VERY tight pack they run in, only to be challenged by the coveted "Band Kid" group) working on audition monologues or competition pieces. There are 3 versions of a Theatre kid:

1. Musical Theatre Kid- These are the ones who have more showtunes on their ipods than regular music.They are the ones that idolize Broadway stars instead of MTV stars. They spend hours on YouTube looking up bootleg videos of their favorite Broadway Shows. These are the kids who cannot listen to a song without choreographing a number to it in their heads. They can also be found making up harmonies to various Broadway showtunes with their friends.

2. Straight Theatre Kid- There is only a VERY slight difference between the Straight Theatre Kid and the Musical Theatre Kid. The Straight Theatre Kid is much more focused on acting, where as the Musical Theatre kid thinks more of singing and dancing. A Straight Theatre kid is quite a snob about acting. They love Broadway shows just as much, but will only audition for Musicals if there is a strong acting part. No fluff roles for these kids.

3. A Mixture Of Both- a fierce breed. Let's just say, these kids are bound for fame, because if you are truely an all around Theatre Kid, your life is completely consumed with nothing but fine arts. FIERCE! :]
"...wow, i just walked past the drama room and i heard two girls harmonizing a song from Spring Awakening while another guy was working on a monologue in the backround...what Theatre Kids..."
by Kelsey Fisher April 20, 2008
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