2 definitions by Kell Marie

verb. The misspelling of "except" when trying to say "accept."

This occurred on Facebook with the "Friends Exposed" app, when it asks you the question:

"If ____ were to bring you flowers and a box of chocolates and ask you to go out with them, would you exept?"

What they were trying to ask was, "Would you accept?" yet they not only spelled it wrong, but they used the wrong word.
Man: If I asked you out, would you exept?

Woman: If by "exept" you mean "accept," yes I would love to!
by Kell Marie March 1, 2010
A moment of extreme frustration and/or excitement.
1) My brother totaled my car, I'm having a GAH!Moment.

2) I bet he's having a GAH!Moment, he just won the lottery!
by Kell Marie October 14, 2010