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a word used by white people (known as crackas and rednecks) to degrade blacks or sometimes to say my friend or my homie.
ALSO a word used by blacks towards eachother not to degrade but to greet and communicate.

i do feel that white people shouldnt say the word however, black people should try to stop saying that word.

if ur black (like me) and say nigga but dont like wen whites use it, it might be being a hypicrite but SO WHAT!!! we r black and white ppl have no business sayin that word. to us it is not a degrading word BUT watever your race, try not to use it TO AVOID CONFLICT.
----white ppl say nigga as a degrading, disrespectful word

1) white store owner: Get the fuck outta my store, you dumb nigga!!! OR

1a) white guy: your kind isn't welcomed here!
black guy: what kind is that?
white guy: NIGGAS!!!

----blacks use it as a greeting

2) 1st black boy: What's good my nigga??
2nd black boy: Nothin' jus chillin'.

----Some white ppl say nigga tryin to be friendly but they dont kno that its not cool for white ppl to say it

whiteboy: hey, dude, what's up my nigga!!!
black boy: get the fuck outta here,dont come around here sayin that word cuz we'll fuck you up.
by Keema_Keema July 24, 2006
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