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1: When an inappropriate or embarrassing question is asked in front of a large group of people that can include friends or family.

2: When you have been owned in front of your piers.
person 1: Hey can I ask you something?
person 2: Sure
person 1: ARE YOU GAY?
person 2: ...
random bystander: you just got called out!
by Kdot92 January 09, 2011
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When its a Facebook 'friends' birthday and like everyone else you write happy birthday on their wall, but you wait until later that day so they can see it and it wont be buried under all the other comments.
Oh look its jacks Birthday!
I know.
Aren't you gonna say something?
Yeah but I'll do the Birthday wait so he can actually see it.
by Kdot92 January 16, 2011
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