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A nickname for the most rudest, greediest, cheesiest, most arrogant cock in the music business, the one and only you wanted the Greediest, while you got the Greediest, the biggest douche bag in the world; GENE SIMMONS
I use to think KISS was cool; that was until Greed Simmons started marketing the KISS name and logo with just about everything under the Sun; I am surprised there isn't a KISS Hemorrhoid Cream on the market.
by Kazzy Mayhem June 16, 2007
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Anton Lavey is the founder of The Church Of Satan. The Teachings of The Church of Satan are a direct attack on that Brain Washing tool that all major religions use in this day and age, that you belong to god, and not yourself, that you should serve god, and not yourself. There is some criticism of Lavey, claiming him to be a lair, but the criticism have to be taken with a grain of salt since most, if not all criticism of Lavey is from his estranged daughter Zeena Schreck, whoses claims have never been backed up with any sort of evidence.
All other Religions are so oppressive, that is why I am grateful for Anton Lavey giving us The Church Of Satan.
by Kazzy Mayhem August 14, 2006
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