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Krysten is a girl who has everything for her. She's got looks, she's got the body, the personality, the smile, the eyes, the laugh...everything. She's has little butt but she'll grow up and have a real big ass.She is the most perfect human being on this planet and one of the most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She'll do anything for her friends and family and isn't afraid of speaking her mind. She's down to earth and always knows how to make others happy or listen when it's needed. Krysten is the one in a million girl and if a boy ever sees her, they better not let her walk out of sight. She fights for what she has to and hates lying b****'s . She never fake and if she's caught being fake somebody's goin to tell her. She doesn't take disrespect from anyone at all. She gives 0 fucks towards any fake bitch. Yeah she'll seem scary at first but try her once and you better be ready for the worst hurricane that's coming your way.
Girl:Who is krysten?
Girl: Oh, I use to fuck with her but then I stopped but I don't know why...
by Kayebaye December 19, 2016

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