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Originating as an Islamic punishment for adultery and petty theft in the early 7th century, Lebanese Chicken Slapping (coming from the Old Arabic word 'Lyibnas ch'qn Al-Slapping' meaning; 'to slap dat bitch') began a revival in the 1980s when firearms, namely grenades, became readily available to the Lebanese public. The concept involves the restrainers, the perpetrator and the Chicken Slapper, the restrainers will hold the perpetrator down whilst the Chicken Slapper has the rewarding job of inserting as many pinless grenades into the perpetrators rectum, before him and his motley crew of Chicken Slappers run, the ultimate aim is not only to punish the perpetrator so they learn never to do it again, but also for the Chicken Slappers themselves to avoid injury.
Although originating in Lebanon, due to large enclaves of Lebanese descendants in Australia, The US, Canada and Great Britain the legend lives on and is more commonly used against disliked peoples and for casual friendly banter.
"Hey Zarak, there's that girl we don't like with the googly eyes and greasy hair, we should so go over there and Lebanese Chicken Slap her!"
"Haha, yeah, just for shits and giggles though init!"
by Kawasakijamie April 05, 2012

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