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When you want to spend all the possible amount of time available with that one person who makes you feel like you ARE someone different. They make you believe that they are the only person that you could see yourself with. When you are together, there is no one else... at least not to y'all!!! When you kiss... everyone around you and everything no longer matter to you. Its all hazy except for that person. Who you honestly believe you love with all your heart. The feeling that you feel when y'all kiss is joy. But at the same time, your scared they're just like the 'ex'! You feel safe and secure in their arms, and you want to spend all night and every night with them until you die. You don't even half to talk or do anything, your just glad you two are together. You live for the moment, and nothing or no one can stop you, they can try but its not going to happen! You can see ya'll together forever...and you hope that you are together that long... you could never see yourself without that person, and you honestly dont want to!!!!!
I love you Dustin, I wnat to be with you forever!!!
by Katy-Lynn March 26, 2007
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