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-Caring, sometimes too self depricated but always knows what's best
-Has strong moral integrity and somehow can always tell what's going to happen next or what will work out in the end
-Top A student that every teacher wants
-Stays firm with beliefs and orders, strong minded overall
-Attractive, beautiful kind eyes, healthy skin, high cheekbones, radiant smile,
I love Tunga, she's amazing.
by Katnisseverdeenforever July 09, 2018

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10 to the power of 6, a large number used in figured language to exaggerate things to a much larger capacity.
Rich person: A million dollars to me, kid, is nothing but pocket money.
Mathematics: 1,000,000
Figured language: A million dreams is the key to shaping our future.
by Katnisseverdeenforever August 21, 2018

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