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1. (n) two people that choose to live together in college not knowing what to expect
2. (n) in the beginning of the year, they tend to sit in the floor and cry like babies
3. (adj) within months of each other, they break up with their long distance boyfriends
4. (slt) they make out with any and everyone, and also keep a list of who they have made out with
5. (v) no matter what, they will be roomies for life, and will subsequently call each other "roomies" even if they don't live together
1) Hey, wanna be roomies next year?
2) Roomie, why is he not calling me every minute of the day, and why am I gaining weight, and why do I miss home so badly?
3) Katey, you should definitely break up with him. I broke up with mine and afterall, we are roomies.
4)Hey roomie, who did you make out with last night? OMG- me too!!!
by Katherine Watson October 21, 2004

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