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Splapp-me-do is a video and game/quiz maker, mostly known for his game the impossible quiz, of which he has made two versions. If one looks in to his works more closely, however, you can find he has made several flash-animations, at least one of which has been referenced in the impossible quiz. Truly a crazy guy, Splapp-me-do's favorite kind of humor is of the most vulgar kind, yet it can also range to very innocent (See "Elephants Don't Like Mice," on the impossible quiz 1).
Splapp-Me-Do's infamous the impossible quiz is an internet phenomenon; his flash animations and tricky questions are amusing and impossibly frustrating.

Of all the webrities I would like to meet, Splapp-Me-Do would have to be one of the top 3, for his comic genius and insanity - he must be fun to hang out with.

Girl: "Ugh, the impossible quiz is so frustrating!"
Boy: "I know, Splapp-Me-Do must be an evil genius!"
by Katarin Valkyri March 14, 2009

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The coolest kids ever! Usually found going to FONZ camp, and loving animals and being weird. Usually a little nutty, but kind, caring, and hilarious. Greatest people to be around.
Oh my god, I LOVE my camp friends!

Camp friends suck -- they're your best friends for two weeks, then you come home and they're living 3 hours away from you!

Camp friends are always there for you.
by Katarin Valkyri November 27, 2008

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