1 definition by Kanye West's brotha

A lame school with lame rules. Many of the cool teachers left and the school is now left with dry teachers that have a swag level of 0

If you are a boy, you cannot be seen holding hands, kissing, or hanging out with a girl and vise versa

IB is also a new thing that makes the school pretentious. IB is a useless course that amounts to the same as AP except harder and with more useless work.

Advisory aka free period is also sometimes replaced with declamation or approbation that no one pays attention to and no one really cares about

Latin is also another useless course that you are required to take on top of English and Math. It is considered the most useless course because you learn no life skills and there is no summer school so if you fail, you repeat the year.
Jimmy: hey Bob where did you get accepted to?
Bob: The Brooklyn Latin School
Jimmy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT LAME SCHOOL? good luck with your dry and swaggerless life.
by Kanye West's brotha May 17, 2011
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