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A dish made out of ramen with very little broth and either white bread or flour tortillas (if you're lucky!) It comes from having been in L.A. County jail, where ramen is available and is often put into white bread saved over from dinner, as a taco... Often consumed in greater numbers by the less of fortunate...
Man: "Honey, are you gonna cook dinner...?"
Woman: "Yes dear, it's county taco night."
Man: "Not again!"
Woman: "Then get a better paying job!!!"
by Kannudo April 02, 2010
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An "If-A-Cop" Story is one that you concoct when you're with a group of friends, doing something you're probably not supposed to, and you want everyone's stories to match up should you encounter some sort of law enforcement while out on your adventure/mission.

The best "If-A-Cop" stories are the simplest ones that answer these 3 questions:

~Where are you (all) going?

~Why are you going there?


~Where did you just come from?

The "If-A-Cop" story is ALWAYS discussed and shared with ALL members of the group BEFORE going anywhere and all members are also quizzed on the answers they will give should the "If-A-Cop" story actually be used because you've all been stopped by some sort of law enforcement personnel.
John, Mike and Mary are all walking to Tom's house to score some weed at 11 o'clock at night. Before they leave for Tom's:

John: Did we forget anything?

Mike: I don't think so...

Mary: Yeah we did! We need to come up with an "If-A-Cop" story!!! Ya know, in case the cops stop us...

John: Oh yeah! Good lookin' out!!!
by Kannudo September 06, 2010
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An exclamation of astonishment, shock, awe or even sympathy at the sight or upon learning about something gruesome, terrible or just plain fucked up that is or has happened to someone else.

Can also be used in the place of "Dammit!" or when all of your plans have been foiled.
<Watching a scene in a horror movie>

<The evil monster has just ripped the throat out of yet another unsuspecting victim...>

Jane: Damages! Did you see that?!?

Mike: Yeah... you know that's gonna leave a mark!!!
by Kannudo February 18, 2012
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