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The gentleman's term for having relations with a woman whilst she is on her period.
John: So, how'd it go with Sarah last night? She was on her period, so i'm assuming you two didn't have sex.
Bob: I beg to differ, my friend. In fact, i spent the majority of my night making a nice Strawberry Poundcake.
by KaminL April 28, 2012

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HDD - Hard Dick Disorder
a particularly common disorder where a male finds himself in a state of high arousal after checking out a foxy lady.
Doctor: My goodness. Has my sultry boobage given you HDD?
Alex: I'm afraid so, Doc. What can i do to cure it?
Doctor: Well, the only known cure for HDD is a nice helping of ASS.

Alex: Here's my number.
by KaminL January 09, 2012

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